Best Dart Board

When it comes to selecting a dart board for you to use, it depends on the level of ability and how much money you want to spend. Basically, for a junior, someone an absolute beginner, you might want to buy a paper dart board to all intensive purposes. It looks like the traditional dart board that we use, but it’s made of paper, you can’t rotate it and once it’s worn out, you buy another one basically.

If you get back that age and you’re still interested in the game, you might want to go to a bristle dart board which is more traditional. This is made of compacted sisal, a grass from Africa and looks and feels much more like the dart board we play in television. Now, there are lots of dart board out there to choose from.

Best Dartboard darts

Best Dartboard darts

A good bristle board is relatively expensive, will last you a long time, provided you look after it. You do need to rotate the numbers on the board, turn the board around using a fresh segment of the 20. It will feel that good.

Once you’ve gone past that and you may want to take a step further and you need the best of the best in my own opinion, that’s the Unicorn Eclipse Pro dart board, the one we use on television .It’s a fantastically well-compacted dart board, very, very clear and attractive to look at. So, it makes you want to play darts.

In the middle of the range, bristle board has traditionally thicker wire on it so your dart is more likely to bounce off and end up on the floor which is not good at all. That’s why I would recommend, as professional, to use and play on the Unicorn Eclipse Pro dart board which has a fine wire finish and you therefore much less likely to bounce the dart off the fine wire.

Dartboard darts come in three popular varieties, the bristle dartboard darts, magnetic dartboard darts and electronic dartboard darts.

Electronic Dartboard Darts

Electronic Dartboard Darts

Electronic Dartboard Darts

it is recommended that you use soft dart tips, there are lot of brands out there in the market and reading some reviews online might be helpful in making a decision, Bottelsen Devastators Head soft Tip Darts are a hot favorite amongst electronic dart board lovers, it is home grown company and has been manufacturing darts for almost thirty years now, they have a faithful following amongst dartboard enthusiasts from all over the country. Their list price is around $ 69 but come with a good many discounts if you’re ordering online, these darts are superbly crafted and are available in sets of three. They have a 90% Tungsten coarse barrel designed especially for a firmer grip; it is further accompanied by an anodized aluminum shaft, for added durability and is ornamented with glossy black and red markings for the added stylistic effect. The darts come in a complete package that includes three extra flights and six tips and all of which is packed in mock alligator skin leather case.

One form of darts that’s growing in popularity is electronic darts. Electronic dart boards are popping up in more and more bars, and many of these arcade dartboards can be set up for league play against other members on a network. Electronic darts is also known as soft-tip darts after the type of darts used in this game. The electronic dartboard and soft-tip darts were invented by Arachnid the company at the forefront of the popularity of electronic darts.

The electronic dart board consists of a playing surface covered in thousands of tiny holes. When the dart enters one of these holes, the score is automatically recorded. Due to design limitations, the targets on the board are generally enlarged and this is thought to have helped the popularity of the game by making it less frustrating to the novice.

There are currently many models of electronic dart boards available for home use today. If you play in a league, or maybe are interested in joining one in the future, look for a regulation sized 15.5” electronic dart board. Also look for extra thin segment dividers as these allow for more holes in the target areas. If you are serious about improving your scores, look for a board with a dart averaging feature that will keep track of your performance. Also look for handicapping options that can level the playing field when you have trouble trying to convince your friends to play against you.

The biggest difference in pricing for electronic dart boards comes from the number of options they offer, and the types of displays they have. All electronic dart boards offer multiple games, and variations of the games, so make sure the game you want to play is included. If you like to play a lot of cricket, many boards feature dedicated cricket scoring displays, but not all boards have the X/O style scoring you’d be used to chalking up on a regular board, so this is a great feature to keep an eye out for. Many electronic dart boards offer scoring for multiple players, generally up to 8 or 16, but will only display two scores at a time. If you regularly play in large groups, look for a board that can display at least four separate scores at any given time.

Electronic dart boards are no longer strictly the domain of soft-tip darts. There are now quite a few models that will also accept the use of steel-tip darts. These are very similar to bristle boards, but with the added bonus of automatic scoring. Although the technology is constantly improving on these boards, they do have a tendency to wear out more quickly than the soft-tip versions due to the constant abuse from heavier steel-tip darts.

Bristle Dartboard Darts

Bristle Dartboard Darts

Bristle Dartboard Darts

Best loved darts according to customer reports are the Halex Satin Steel Tip Darts, Halex is a well known dart board and table tennis brand in service with the Regent Sports Corporation, they have been marketing their sports products for almost 80 years. These darts are 20 gram in weight and with stylishly silver colored brass shafts and come in their own handy carrying case. The darts have steel tips which guarantee accuracy and drifting power, the darts come in sets of three and they are more or less used for recreational purposes than for professional use. Their list price is $ 24.98 but can be brought for discounted prices online.

Nodor Tungsten Steel Dart Tips, manufactured by DMI Sport Inc, a company leading in indoor sport equipment from tennis to billiards the company started in 1976. These particular darts of DMI Sport Inc are amongst the popular makes in bristle board dartboard darts ,they look the part as well and is suited for professional dart board competition as well, they are made of 80 % Tungsten for a well balanced weight , they come in striped aluminum shafts and in the most eye catching 2D imprinted flights. The dart set includes three extra flights and shafts and a complimentary case. These darts come in weights of 20, 24 and 36 grams depending on skill and the intended activity.

To ensure long life, look for a dart board that meet competition standards. Cheaper dart boards tend not to pack the bristles as tightly as quality boards and will wear a lot more quickly. Also, sisal is widely regarded as the best fiber for bristle dartboards, so avoid any made of other materials. Damage will eventually occur to your bristle dartboard, so look for a removable number ring that will allow you to rotate the most popular areas so you get even wear on the board.

If you look at manufacturers such as Winmau or Unicorn, you will notice their boards are pretty much built to the same standards, but there is a substantial difference in price from the low end to the high end models. Generally, what you are paying extra for is for the construction of the wiring system, also know as The Spider.

Magnetic Dartboards

Magnetic dart boards use darts that have flat magnetic tips on them. The darts will stick to the ferrous surface of the board. Well, that’s the theory!

Magnetic dartboards are not for anyone serious about playing darts; they are strictly toys.